Podcast Broadcasting Support

The Podcast Broadcaster is designed to play a short series of tracks which you have created and wish to broadcast live with your own video or webcam feed. It works by making a connection to your broadcast service. It can also run on a different machine provided the second machine is logged into the same account and service


Adding Tracks

Drop your tracks by sliding them over to the 'Drop Zone'. The Podcast Player reads each track as you drop it to determine the BPM and other useful information. Do not attempt to drop too many tracks at the same time and avoid dropping tracks whilst broadcasting


Playing or Broadcasting

Playing tracks means the audio will output via your speakers but when a connection is made to your broadcaster the LINK light will appear and your output will be managed via the broadcaster


Adding the output

Select Podcast Broadcaster in Audio Source Selection and the LINK light will confirm connection is made



Features List

  • Load tracks via slide and drop
  • Play entire playlist
  • Repeat track
  • Adjust tempo
  • Individual Deck Levels
  • Deck Fader Control
  • Jogger Controls
  • Sync Controls
  • Digital console link
Please note: Podcast player is built using the latest HTML5 Technology working entirely within your browser which means that some functions may not operate quite as you would expect. Please feedback to us any special requires that you may have