Commercial Grade HDMI Cable Solutions

Commercial grade HDMI Cable Solutions allow you to create Full HD and 4K Distributions networks. All our cables are laboratory tested ideal for large homes and offices where extended ranges are required, multiple screens all requiring the best possible performance as well as a remote relay function allowing source control from any of the screen locations.

Traditional HDMI Cables have operated at maximum distances of 5 meters and beyond this traditional cat5 or Cat6 solutions have been used in commercial applications. But the transition to 4K, and the need for real time requires a data rate 4 times greater (typically 18.6Gbs min). The need to retain this data rate along greater lengths requires something more than traditional copper cables. DigiSender HDMI Active cable technology incorporates electronics at both ends of the cable and powered from the HDMI port on the source. As the DigiSender HDMI Distribution solutions are hybrid they can also operate with any cable and the built-in fibre optic drivers allow one buildings' displays to operate within 100 meters of the screens and others to be based at tremendous distances of many kilometres and yet remain synced in real time.

To extend your DigiSender HUB System beyond 100 meters for some or all of your displays see our DigiSender Fibre Optic HDMI series.

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