TV Launcher for Android

Audio Easylife and DigiSender TV Launcher includes all the necessary codecs and components to create great user experiences. This includes software-based acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), automatic gain control (AGC), noise reduction, noise suppression, and hardware access and control across multiple platforms. Note: Enabling PC Audio Stereo Mix or position microphones close to speakers can still cause feedback.

Video Real-Time Video Protocols used within DigiSender TV Launcher include components to conceal packet loss and clean up noisy images, as well as capture and playback capabilities across multiple platforms. Full support is only offered by Opera, Chrome & Firefox.

Network Dynamic jitter buffers and error concealment techniques are included for audio and video, which help mitigate the effects of packet loss and unreliable networks. Also included are components for establishing peer-to-peer connections and third party compatibility on both inputs and outputs.

System DigiSender TV Launcher system analysers help you monitor your CPU usage and memory in real time. We offer ways to test your cameras definition, your network performance as well as help in scanning and identifying IP cameras on your network


Adding USB webcams

Follow this guide for a simple explanation of how to connect and use USB webcams with the Easylife website.

Adding HDMI devices

Devices such as HDMI CCTV cameras, HDMI capture cards and even the HDMI output from your satellite receiver can also be used with Easylife. Find out how with this guide.

Adding IP Cameras

Networked IP cameras and video streams can also be used with Easylife. Find out how with this guide and to download the latest support app required.

Screen Broadcast Browser Extension

The Easylife Screen Broadcast Browser Extension is available for Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox web browser and will allow you to share any connected screen or open application.


Easylife-Screen-Capture is a Windows application that allows you to share your primary screen. The application can be installed on any computer running Windows 7 and above.


Adding USB microphones

Follow this guide for a simple explanation of how to connect and use USB webcams with the Easylife website.

Connecting microphones to your soundcard

Follow this guide on connecting microphones and similar Audio Devises, which make a direct connection to your sound card.


Adding the PC Audio Stereo Mix from your soundcard

It is possible to make internal connections to your sound card, via the drivers already installed for it, but invariably the feature needs to be switched on. Click here to find out how.


Easylife apps

Check out all our Easylife apps, available for Android, iOS and Windows.

Easylife launcher

The Easylife launcher alows you to boot up straight into Easylife. Perfect for setting up a dedicated CCTV control centre.

Camera resolution checker

Check the resolution of your cameras and video sources using this handy visual tool.

System performance checker

Check all aspects of your systems performance.

Third Party Support & Test Services

These are services which we feel deserve special attention and will help you to ensure your system is optimized for broadcast