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UPDATE NOVEMBER 2017 - Easylife is a broadcasting platform that requires gaming performance PCs to broadcast and must have a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 min. Improvements in February 2017 allow broadcasting from Quad Core Laptops running Windows 10. Throughout 2017 this has now extended to Ubuntu and Mac OSX machines

When broadcasting, some services from Easylife require your browser to feature full compatibility with HTML5's getUserMedia with multi camera select as well as Web-Real-Time-Communication which is an encrypted video streaming function forming part of your browser. Both are used extensively by Easylife.com

Your viewers will not need such performance.

All social media output functions were enabled in November 2017 and we removed the need to download plug-ins for this service


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Chrome Browser

Chrome supports real time communication and multi-camera select. We are able to store your cameras that you choose to use for all our services. Chrome fully supports broadcasting and reception of all Easylife services
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Opera Browser

Opera should offer all services along the lines of Chrome. It is possible to install extensions designed for the chrome browser within Opera Browser. A third party extension manager helps you to enable this - See our Third Party Support page. Opera browser fully supports broadcasting and reception of all Easylife services and can perform rendering functions particularly fast on some machines
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Firefox Browser

Firefox supports Real Time Communication and should work fully with our services. Because there is a requirement of each video & audio source to be manually accepted we cannot restore your devices when you return. Recent updates to Firefox 53 due for public release in the spring of 2017 supports all aspects of camera selection. Firefox 53 fully supports broadcasting and reception of all Easylife services
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Edge Browser

Edge supports Real Time Communication but no current support for different camera selection at the time of writing (November 2017). Edge can be used to view some services and compatibility is progressing. Microsoft have confirmed compatibility with all Easylife services from Edge 14 to 15 due for release in the spring of 2017 but as at November 2017 it remains impossible to maintain more than one RTC connection within Edge Browser
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Safari Browser

In April 2016 Apple announced it was adding support for real time communication to its Safari browser. This will allow the web browser to handle more services from easylife.com This feature was subsequently added in September 2017 with their release of Safari Browser 11. We hope to have full compatibility with all easylife services by the end of November 2017 for broadcasting and reception. Changes planned to improve frame rate broadcasting in Dec 2017 should greatly assist all users especially those using dual core CPU Apple products
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Android & IoS Apps

Easylife is designed to operate in the browser. No App provides all the broadcasting functions provided by Easylife but we do offer a full suit of apps designed to support the various aspects of Broadcast and Reception. If you operate a chrome book try visiting Easylife.com broadcast services but it will not benefit from the support of the IP Camera app we have created for Windows users or the Broadcast Station app designed for third party services like Facebook and Youtube

  • Apps to support viewing
    • View Only - We offer a suit of apps that provide a view only function - they are all free to download
    • View only with interaction - In the spring of 2017 expect to see new apps that allow users to interact with broadcasts
    • View only with panoramic - Due Spring 2017

  • Apps to support broadcast
    • Due for release in March 2017 is an app designed for mobile phones and tablets that allows its camera to appear as a Video source in your Broadcaster, you can select front or rear camera if your device is fitted with both - 6 versions of the app will be available



About Easylife.com

Easylife is a professional video interface that allows you to share your webcam, IP Cameras or Desktop in a peer-to-peer environment or directly to services such as Facebook. It is a straightforward way to use video entirely in your browser. If you are looking to chat securely with friends, create a broadcast quality peer to peer communication link between a professional camera or simply the camera built into your mobile phone then we are the service for you

It uses the latest API technology built into browsers, much of which is experimental and still being agreed between browser providers. It means that some services will only work Chrome to Chrome or in the case of Broadcast to third party services, will only work in Firefox. It means that services such as Chat will not be concluded until there is agreement between browser providers relating to protocol implementation


About Easylife.TV

Easylife.TV is a Public Service Content Delivery Network (PS-CDN) due for formal launch in 2017. Our Broadcasting Platform at easylife.com is the only way to broadcast to easylife.tv but both broadcasting and reception are free. It features cutting-edge neural technology to distribute video content via the internet to PC's Laptops and Mobile Apps. It does this without any central servers and means that your content can be distributed directly from your browser using Windows 10 or Ubuntu Desktop Operating Systems and running entirely within the browser

Easylife is ideal for established broadcasters looking to reduce or eliminate their CDN costs and Easylife provides an instant solution. We fully respect the intellectual property of content providers and seek to have in place full reporting and abuse mechanisms by December 2017

We will not seek to add any logo overlays, add third party adverts, inject any third party content what-so-ever in your broadcasts. We will limit our involvement in your broadcast to a small barely distinguishable watermark bearing the easylife word and this will not be added until the summer of 2017

We hope broadcasters will share and embrace this technology and see potential opportunities for their business in the future. Our systems and plans include some amazing concepts which include automated advertising recognition (within your streams) with full reporting mechanisms available only to you, the ability to attach a Pay Per View stream to an exiting Free stream for premium content as well as simultaneous multi-broadcasts for shopping TV channels that enable viewers to see alternative product views and even 3 dimensional views of the product they are looking to purchase

Whilst our service already supports unlimited viewers of your Public Service CDN broadcast, we also offer upgrade options allow broadcasters to cap their expenditure at a remarkably low cost, improve the connectivity rate with server support in Europe, Asia & America as well as removing the very small easylife watermark from broadcasts


How it works

All services work in a fully in-browser environment but often changes are made to the way browser API's are accessed and we need to implement changes to reflect these improvements. Free sign-up allows you to get started straight away and we automatically store your settings for when you return. It means that you do not have re-select all the cameras when you return. CCTV Services with Digital Video Recorder (DVR) is now fully operational with Chrome and our newly created series of apps. Cloud Video Recording (CVR) launched fully on December 8th 2015 and uses Microsoft's cloud storage service. This provides an unprecedented level of security over your stored images which only you have access too. Optimization of all services is ongoing. In the Summer of 2016 we improved the playback engine for stored cloud recordings and we have further ideas for the future.



  1. Create a broadcast service entirely within your browser
  2. Broadcast to Facebook in real-time and monitor your sources
  3. Edit your camera sources on-the-fly like a pro
  4. Preferred browser is Firefox but pending some browser updates due Summer 2016


  1. Create a complete CCTV monitoring system
  2. Monitor your CCTV room on another computer anywhere in the world
  3. Automatically record movement video to Microsoft secure cloud services for Free
  4. Preferred browser is Chrome because the Camera selector is more straight forward but also works in Opera & Firefox


  1. Broadcast Full HD from your Laptop to your phone or another browser on the internet
  2. Create a broadcast quality link between reporter and studio
  3. Create a video link between your satellite receiver and computer with a browser
  4. Create a video link using the XDS4K consoles from a lounge to a bedroom
  5. Preferred browser is Chrome because the Camera selector is more straight forward but also works in Firefox & Opera


  1. Capture the video from your computer screen and transmit it in a public or private shareable link
  2. Add your webcam as an overlay
  3. Share ground breaking medical achievements with participants anywhere in the world on a real-time basis
  4. We will add other features to this service in Autumn 2016


  1. Conduct one to one training sessions with your webcam
  2. Share your screen with the other member
  3. Communicate on a one-one basis
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Services under development

1. Chat with free viewing or revenue controls.

2. Click to call services

3. Video Conferencing in Full HD

4. Telesupport with Screenshare

5. Teleconferencing

6. Long range HDMI over internet services

7. CCTV in browser with free DVR services

8. Connect to a friends computer and drop a massive file in seconds

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All our basic services are free forever to enjoy so please share in our on-going development of this ground-breaking service. Easylife.com is an operation of AEI Security & Communications Limited. Established in 1993 we have specialised in all aspects of video transmission technologies. We also design and create products for our DigiSender series of video transmission products



Our Domain Name

We purchased the domain name 'easylife.co.uk' from the Naming Committee which, at the time was the only issuer of .co.uk domain names. It had not previously been registered. Control of .co.uk domains names was passed to Nominet in 1996 and they show our first registration as 25-Sept-1997 - We will take action if any person attempts to pass-off, impersonate or otherwise copy intellectual property contained within this site including its brand and identity which remains the ownership of AEI Security & Communications Ltd at all times. 

Shawn Downey
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