Pricing Policy


We wish to set out clearly our pricing policy in an honest and transparent format. Here, we explain what we charge for, when we charge and exactly what services we offer free and how we support our free services to you


Do I need to subscribe to use easylife services?

No. You will never be asked to pay a fee to create services. You can create as many services as you like and you will never be charged

Do I need to sign-in to use Easylife services?

Yes, you must create a free account in order to use easylife services

If I sign-in what information do you need?

We need only your name and email address to sign-in if you use our 'One Click' social media sign-in buttons. We need you full details including mailing address and contact details to create broadcast services on the easylife platform

If I sign-in will I ever be charged for this?

No. The sign-in process does not involve any financial transaction.

Exactly what details do you need from me to sign-in?

If you use our Social Media sign-in process such as our Facebook sign-in button we retrieve your name and email address only. This automatically creates a unique account just for you. It allows us to store all your services that you have created and make them exclusively available to you for when you return or log-in from another machine

If you choose to sign-in by opening an account, this will not involve any financial transactions. You will not be asked for any payment details

If I sign-in do I have an account?

Yes. This account enables you to manage your account, add services and choose to upgrade only if you specifically wish to do so. It is your account that allows us to present your 'My services' dashboard panel. Here you manage your account, add services, remove services or choose to pay for premium services


Why are your services free?

We want our customers to use all our services without charge, in return you will see the easylife logo within your broadcast, it will appear as a logo or overlay

When am I charged for Easylife services?

We only make charges for premium services. We make our charging procedure open and honest and set out our costs as clearly as possible

What do I do if I am not happy with a purchase or service?

If you are unhappy about any aspect of our service then please get in touch with us. Use the contact form and we promise to respond within 2 working days


Exactly what services do you offer for free and what services are charged for?

Here is a list of services which are free

  • Sign-in and Sign-up
  • Account creation
  • Unlimited service creation
  • Social media broadcasting with Easylife logo overlay
  • Studio Link Service Broadcasting with Easylife overlay
  • CDN Broadcasting to limited viewers with Easylife logo overlay

Here is a list of services which are charged for

  • Social media broadcasting without Easylife logo overlay
  • Studio Link Service Broadcasting without Easylife overlay
  • CDN Broadcasting to unlimited viewers without Easylife logo overlay
  • Some templates clearly shown as premium
  • Some apps clearly shown as being associated with a cost

How does the Payment Procedure work?

If you purchase services from Easylife you will be transferred to our credit card transaction company. Currently we use PayPal to process your payments regardless if they are for monthly or annual subscriptions. You do not need a PayPal account to use any credit or debit card. At Easylife we do not store or retain any credit card or payment card information - it is handled by PayPal entirely

How do re-curing payments work?

If you choose a monthly or yearly subscription plan for premium services, PayPal will automatically conduct the transaction at the interval you have selected

How does Easylife handle the information I give you?

We handle all information as professionally as we possibly can. We comply fully with our privacy policy which can be seen here Easylife Privacy Policy

How can I cancel my Easylife services?

You can cancel any service from your next billing period. We comply fully with our Terms and Conditions of service policy which can be seen here Terms & Conditions of Service

Who is Easylife and who is the real owner?

Easylife is owned and operated by AEI Security & Communications Ltd. We are involved in all aspects of broadcasting technology for business and commercial applications and trading since 1993. Please note: Services will be billed by AEI Security & Communications Ltd and this is the name that will appear on your credit card bill