CCTV - Panel Controls Overview

CCTV - Controls Explained

CCTV - Control Panel Overview

Add Camera Sources

Add various video sources connected to you local machine or IP Cameras on your network or the internet

Set the Privacy of your service

You can set the privacy as Public or Private. Public means that you can share the URL of your monitor and view on another machine anywhere in the world. If you select Private then the room can only be viewed on another machine by logging in using your login details

Share your Service

This reveals the URL for your Service and enables you to share to social media, email or other services

Record Options

Allows you to select if you want to store recorded movies Locally on your hard drive or in our Cloud service. Exit delay can also be adjusted here

Reset all sources

This Resets all sources held within your service such as camera and audio Sources

Aspect Ratio

Choose the aspect ratio for your cameras. You can choose 16:9 or 4:3. It applies the setting to all cameras

Camera Controls

Reveal Controls specific to a camera view. All controls appear over the top of the video view window

Movement Detection Grid

Reveal movement overlay that is set to trigger a recording

Close View

Close the window showing cameras. Your cameras will stop broadcasting but all sources will be saved for when you return

Video Overlay Controls

Slider Control

Adjusts the amount of movement before a record trigger condition is made


Audio Mute - Keep muted to avoid feedback issues

Start Record

Start Movement Activated Recording - Recordings will be made after the Exit delay period has expired. Recording will be made according to your chosen record location

Full Screen

Start movement activated recording

Additional Controls

Allows you to remove the current camera selected. (Use Reset to completely clear stored cameras)


Dynamic Updates

We are always adding new features - these appear automatically