Easylife Broadcast Station

Easylife Broadcast Station

Easylife Broadcast Station is a streaming protocol converter that allows communication with third party servers

Version 5.1.2 is in Beta and available for download to Beta testers only. If you would like to become a Beta tester then please message us via Facebook



Easylife Broadcast Station for for Gaming PCs Available Feb 2016 - It has been delayed as we must complete all camera switching, templates and hardware offerings so a full service can be offered. Please like us on Facebook to be notified


Shortcuts to run

Various shortcuts are provided for you to activate the application

Windows Search

Desktop Shortcut

Taskbar Shortcut



Windows version is compatible with Windows 10+

MAC Users

Mac version is scheduled but no firm date set



Each time you use the Easylife Broadcast Station your system performs a security check and asks you to confirm if the app has your permission to run. It requests this to access to the broadcast stream from your browser. You must give the app permission to run each time you start this service


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Open A Free Account

It is free to open an account and you will never be charged. No payment details are required and this will then allow you to store all your camera settings for when you return

Shop & Multi-User License Purchase

If you intend to broadcast via a LAN network likely to be operating another Easylife Broadcast Station you must purchase a multi-user License agreement - Visit our shop to purchase


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