Guest Connect - Support

Easylife Guest Connect

You have been invited to connect to an easylife broadcast service. Here is what you need to know

1. You must select a camera or source connected to your machine This will be available to the broadcaster who has invited you to this page

2. Avoid audio feedback Be aware that as you monitor the broadcast you may cause feedback if your speakers are too load and the sound passes back through to your microphone. Whilst we include software-based acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), automatic gain control (AGC), noise reduction and noise suppression, excessive feedback may also result in a muted audio

3. Use good quality hardware Whilst we include Dynamic jitter buffers and error concealment techniques for audio and video, it will help mitigate the effects of packet loss and unreliable networks. Also included are components for establishing peer-to-peer connections and third party compatibility on both inputs and outputs.

4. Webcam only usage If you are intending to add a camera only then turn down the audio, or do not select an audio source. If you have enabled Stereo Sound Mix within your audio settings on your computer and you add this is an audio source you are guaranteed feedback or a muted audio if our systems attempt to suppress the feedback

5. Notice anything weird? Please tell us now if you spot anything wrong with this service - chat with an engineer now via Facebook Messenger


Permitted Connection Time

Time Permitted for this service: Broadcast Session Period Only (If the Broadcaster starts a new session you must be issued a new link)