Easylife Video Optimiser for Streaming

Experimental On-line Video Optimiser

This Video Optimiser allows you to convert Movie Files from various formats to those best suited for transmission from your browser using services at easylife.com

This revolutionary HTML5 Optimiser works entirely within the browser. Your file does not leave your computer and is not transferred across the internet during this process. When you select a file it is transferred to the browser for processing. When you download the file it is transferred from the browser cache to your downloads folder. You can compress your files by up to 60% without any noticeable loss of definition. Your broadcast will run smoother, be better able to handle larger file sizes and provide your viewers with a more compelling presentation

WARNING: Your Video file may cause the browser to produce a rather unfriendly 'Aw Snap' and require the browser to be re-started. This is only caused when your video file size exceeds the cache size of your browser. If this service does not work for you then we recommend a video converter service such as VideoPad by NCH Software or similar software. This service is under continual improvement

Make your movie videos run faster in the browser

Try our Demo files and see what our easylife Video Optimiser can achieve

This example is for test purposes only and uses a 10fps file converted to 30fps Conversion of MP4 format - You can view the original files here input.mp4 and input.jpeg Compare for yourself

Now try your own Video File

NOTE: There is no limit to the file size we are able to process but your browser memory may cause a 'Aw Snap' if your memory is low - Do not run this service when you are broadcasting or performing any other tasks

Easylife Optimiser is ready