Advanced Editor

Advanced editor is a fully featured HTML editor which allows you to create compelling overlays using a simple WYSIWYG editor or by applying more advanced designs and calling in external graphics using the source code editor. It will apply the HTML layer to your broadcast output as you design it



Click the advanced editor to create text, grids and basic and complex shapes to your broadcast Overlay Buttons

Broadcast Advanced Overlay


Format your layout with access to conventional HTML creation functions such as grids, line spacing, fonts, media import, media links and so on


Add your custom code to overlay on your broadcast

If you want to go beyond the basic editor you can click on 'Source Code' under 'Tools' to input your own custom code. This code can be edited at any time. The editor can make full use of inline CSS, so animation and dynamic content are fully supported. SVG code and any vector based graphics are also supported.

Device Manager

Image Shows a sample SVG animated graphic Animated SVG


Copy and paste these samples into the source code to see how it works.

A simple animated Logo

A complex animation

An animated Broadcast tag