Adding IP Cameras

Adding IP Cameras & Streams

IP Camera Support using mjpeg feeds with http protocols (and some RTSP feeds) is available for use with on windows platforms only. Your feed will look typically like this http://myipcamera/video.mjpg or or (Use our network scanner tool to find the admin page for your LAN cameras)

Allows you to broadcast up to 6 x IP cameras securely in a private environment, on your own website, to social media as well as to the world via our service Whilst IP cameras already feature a broadcast facility they are invariably insecure and cannot support multiple viewers without a CDN service such as easylife

Ver 2.2 - Release Date 8th February 2017 Direct Download link here This direct link will be removed on the 12th Feb 2017 - Release Date from is February 11th 2017

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Easylife IP Camera Interface

Easylife creates a totally secure stream converting low security http protocol cameras to HTTPS providing real-time authentication by the world renowned Comodo RSA Validation using SHA-256. The SHA-256 algorithm is commonly used on websites supporting the transfer of highly sensitive content such as credit card transactions. Easylife adds this level of security automatically

With conventional IP cameras you need to open ports on routers due to Firewall settings. This then allows the camera to be accessed from the outside world. But it requires a full and complete understanding of router security issues and is not required when using easylife services. We make it simple to secure your IP cameras simply adding your IP cameras within easylife. You can achieve this using or our dedicated consoles. Viewing can be undertaken within any browser or using our series of apps

IP Cameras normally have their username and password default to admin. Recent publicity has exposed this type of IP Camera operation as in-secure as the streams pass across the internet they can be intercepted. To maintain Comodo RSA Validation security you must connect your IP cameras within and then view your IP cameras anywhere in the world by accessing and logging in to your account or sharing your IP camera to our broadcast service at

Easylife automatically renews its Comodo RSA license each year, it is authenticated in real time when using easylife and you benefit for this highly recognized and respected form of Internet security. Of course, some IP cameras may wish to be in the public domain. Easylife allows you to keep your camera streams private or make them public to a world audience



Adding a local wireless (WiFi) or wired IP camera

Easylife allows you to monitor Public and Local cameras. This means you can mix and match cameras from just about anywhere in the world and monitor them all in one screen

You need to know the IP address of the Camera. Add the IP address to the window of the interface. The IP address of your camera is normally allocated by your router. Run our network scanner to locate the IP address of your cameras connected to your local network


Adding an internet IP Camera located anywhere in the world

If you are adding the IP address of an internet camera located anywhere in the world then you should already know the IP address. Enter the IP address and start re-broadcasting. Remember easylife allows you to rebroadcast existing streams, allow unlimited viewers or keep your cameras private and secure so only you can access them




Using this Scanning tool you can successfully identify the location of your local network cameras


Visit our Support page for useful advice on connecting accessories to your computer such as Microphones and Cameras<


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