Use your Broadband router to relay HDMI sources to other TVs within your home or across the Internet. The only requirements are that you have a DigiSender XDS HDMI over IP system and an Internet connection at both the transmitting and receiving locations. The system is capable of transmitting in any resolution up to 4K (UHD), It offers a great solution for TVs and Displays in various rooms or locations including digital signage display applications.

With one DigiSender XDS console you can choose 'HDMI Broadcaster' and watch your HDMI source on any computer connected to the Internet or your mobile device. Simply switch on and create an on-line account and any services you have created can also be viewed. Supporting apps are available - see in pack for details.

Using two DigiSender XDS consoles you are able to set up one as a broadcaster and the other as a receiver. It works across your local LAN or via the Internet simply by connecting the consoles to a local WiFi. Powerful and rock solid performance means this technology built into the console is suitable for domestic and commercial applications. Minimal setting up is required and there are no special router set-up procedures.

Software has been written entirely by AEI Engineers and so we are able to offer deep technical support and custom software requirements for corporate customers.

How it works

When you connect the XDS 4K to your local Internet service you are then asked to create a secure account. Simply log-in with the same account details on other devices and all transmissions will automatically appear. The XDS4K is automatically registered to your service each time it is switched on. The console with automatically restore to your default service in the event of power failure and resume transmission or reception as you have chosen.

When a second connection is made to your service a direct peer to peer video and audio connection is created. This means that the streams do not pass through a central server but your service remains totally secure as it remains within a 128bit encryption service and only accessed via your account.  

Real-Time Communications (RTC) provides us with high-quality applications which we have developed for the browser, mobile platforms, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and then allows them all to communicate securely via a common set of protocols. This initiative is a project supported by AEI, Google, Mozilla and Opera, amongst others. It receives regular updates automatically and without the need for any down-time, restarts of other human intervention.

If you make a connection between two XDS consoles over the Internet (each using different Internet services), your bandwidth will automatically determine the picture quality. A fast broadband service can in theory achieve 4K Ultra High Definition quality. A connection between two XDS consoles which exist on the same WiFi network will not pass the stream over the Internet and the stream connections will remain on your local LAN thus reducing latency and enabling the best possible picture and sound quality. This  is sometimes referred to as machine-to-machine (M2M). Engineers at AEI have been designing concepts around this technology since March 2015. The only limiting factor to the number of receivers operating on one network is determined by your local LAN speed.

Our RTC and M2M technology does not require any special settings on routers or firewalls. Your network can remain fully secure and any Firewall protection can remain in force and you will not be prompted to open ports or other such requests which can compromise your network.

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