Easylife Pro Camera - Get Started

Getting started with your Easylife Pro Camera Pack

Your Easylife Pro dedicated console system works by running within a custom operating system and uses your Internet connection allowing the cameras to be viewed anywhere from another machine or on your mobile device using one of our available apps. It secures your cameras from the outside world and puts control over who views your cameras firmly in your control. Because it is driven from easylife you do not need to make any changes to your router settings and your network remains secure behind your router firewall. 

Once your system is set up and running you can view all your cameras by logging in at easylife.com from anywhere in the world and entering the service name that you have created. All your cameras will appear.

Step 1

Connect your console to your WiFi Internet Router

Step 2

You will then be prompted to run the Prime Starter, this will automatically search your network for easylife pro cameras and make the necessary connections. Your cameras will automatically appear making this one of the worlds easiest IP Camera configurations even built. 

Easylife Pro cameras use the latest H265 video technology and consumes half the bandwidth of conventional cameras. This means that your WiFi remains free for the things you enjoy like surfing the internet and watching on-line movies.

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