Studio Link CDN Support


Create up to 6 Live video streams generated from from various sources anywhere in the world. They can be from your computer, mobile, DigiSender CCTV or HDMI Streams using a DigiSender XDS-LIVE console. Sources can be viewed on any machine anywhere in the world

Launch Receiver by accessing You must login to your account to create or view streams for this service as they are private.

Your very own multi-channel web page - Click 'Launch Receiver' to view all your streams - Only you can see your streams. Login from anywhere and start watching

Audio This service features software-based acoustic echo cancellation (AEC), automatic gain control (AGC), noise reduction, noise suppression, and hardware access and control across multiple platforms. Note: Enabling PC Audio Stereo Mix or position microphones close to speakers can still cause feedback

Video Real-Time Video Protocols used within Easylife include components to conceal packet loss and clean up noisy images, as well as capture and playback capabilities across multiple platforms

Network Dynamic jitter buffers and error concealment techniques are included for audio and video, which help mitigate the effects of packet loss via unreliable networks

System Real-time performance means latency can be measured as low as 60ms on link-to-link broadcasting

Upgrade When you upgrade all watermark overlays are removed and you can control all volume levels from the broadcaster in real-time. This fully synced service allows exceptional levels of control at the receiving location. When Sync is selected the receiver can take control of levels when being viewed on another computer


Live Broadcast

This broadcast can be seen using all popular browsers (Microsoft Edge due 2017). You will see the video auto-size to the definition. Definition is determined by your internet connection speed and the CPU performance of the broadcasting machine

Embedding broadcast stream within a page

Use the following embed code within your own web page to display your raw Live Broadcast stream

Use the following embed code which adds controls and maintains video size whist the auto scaling varies the video from 320 to 1080. It also allows the viewer to go full screen

Sharing this page

Cut and paste this URL

Understanding Broadcast Privacy

Studio Link CDN broadcasts are Private. This means that to receive the broadcasts you must login to your Easylife account on any other machine, using a PC browser or on a mobile device using the DigiSender XDS Studio Link Receiver App, this app is bundled with all DigiSender XDS LIVE Consoles running DigiSender LIVE OS.

All Broadcasts are end-to-end encrypted. But the moment you elect to make a CDN Broadcast or a Broadcast to our Public CDN Easylife TV service then your broadcast streams become Public. They remain end-to-end encrypted but available to a public audience. This means that anyone can access the public stream if they know it. Public broadcasts to Easylife TV will soon be subject to parental controls set by the broadcaster, these controls cannot be over-ridden by the viewer. You must follow our Terms & Conditions of service


Convert output to HDMI

We now offer a choice of DigiSender XDS LIVE 4K HDMI based products that allow you to receive and broadcast studio link services. The apps are bundled with our unique DigiSender LIVE OS providing a breath-taking new approach to always-on studio solutions.  Each unit provides an output in real time broadcast quality HDMI format. This allows you to connect to your own broadcast equipment, for studio-to-studio linking including real-time camera linking. This always-on solution means that the moment a broadcaster starts the output appears on the HDMI port of the receiver anywhere in the world.

This service is remarkably versatile . You can broadcast securely with end-to-end encryption to an unlimited number of receivers. As an example, a news broadcasting company with offices in various parts of the world can all see the broadcasts in real-time from a single broadcast source, two way interviews can take place in real-time with absolutely minimal delay. Latency can be measured as low as 50 to 200mS because the connections are made directly and not via a server or satellite link.


Simply set as your 'Default' service in the 'My Services' panel and the XDS console will check for Live Broadcasts instantly and automatically display the output on your HDMI port


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