Easylife Real Time Broadcast Streaming TV Support

Easylife TV Support

Easylife TV is an experimental video content delivery network (CDN) that is Free to broadcast too. Here is what you need to know...

The service is experimental. It only works in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari 11 or using the Series of DigiSender XDS Apps which support an increasing number of individual service functions

It uses Real-Time protocols which form part of your browser Our development of this service will soon be complimented with PPV features, unlimited viewers as well as instant content playback

Notice anything weird? Because we are developing new switching and CDN services in a way that we believe has never been done before we are aware of some weird activity. This weird activity appears limited to upside-down videos on some platforms, strange blips attributable to packet loss in audio streams, outdated command calls as the experimental services are formalised and become cross-browser compatible.

Please tell us now if you spot anything wrong with this service - chat with an engineer now via Facebook Messenger Our average response time is normally around 8 hrs but you may just catch us looking at it!


How do I Broadcast to Easylife TV?

To start a broadcast to Easylife TV you must create a Broadcast Live service at Easylife.com

Easylife Broadcast

How to start the Easylife TV stream output

When you are ready to start streaming click the TV icon at the top left

How to share and embed content

You can share and embed content within other pages. Simply click the Share icon when viewing your streams at Easylife TV and you are presented with a series of options


Other Output Service Options

Along the top left of our Broadcast platform are a series of LIVE output options - listed below are the various output options

Studio Link (Private CDN)

Studio Link allows you to create a real-time private CDN service and add up to 6 sources using your default service - they may be from different machines using Easylife.com or using the DigiSender XDS Live consoles allowing HDMI and Camera Sources to appear at your Studio link service. You access your studio link streams using a DigiSender XDS console or on any computer visiting the viewer link for your default service in the 'My Services' tab. Because this service is private you must login using the same account details on any machine you wish to broadcast from or view on

Use this service to:

  • Create a CCTV Network
  • Create a link between news casting stations for real-time high quality interviews
  • Create a combination of door entry systems all monitored from one location
  • Build a private CDN made up of HDMI Sources anywhere in the world
  • Transfer a HDMI source from one part of the world to another

Public CDN

Public CDN is a ground-breaking CDN service offering the industries lowest cost unlimited viewer CDN. It allows you to share and embed live streams without any branding. Performance is limited to 6 viewers if you are not paying. Service launches fully in Q3 2017

  • Broadcast your content and forget about bandwidth issues
  • Use a windows or linux machine and run your broadcasts from within the browser
  • Broadcast over a conventional broadband connection to unlimited viewers
  • Forget about network support and user bandwidth issues as broadcasts auto manage themselves
  • Forget about viewer limit anxiety as our servers automatically kick-in to handle your load