DigiSender TV - The Dynamic Launcher for Android TV Box Users

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What's new?

New from August 2nd 2018
From version 2.8.0 XDS Studio Link Receiver App Depracated
2.8 + users please delete the receiver app
Broadcast & Reception select access is within broadcast settings
To access broadcast settings click on the DigiSender Logo
Bucket load of new features for XDS users
Up to 50 times faster connect across LAN & Internet
On screen debug panel
More features to follow

Coming soon

    Bug fixes and performance improvements as required
    Supports 20 languages including; English, German, French, Chinese (traditional), Chinese (simplified), Portuguese, Arabic, Bengali, Vietnamese, Hindu, Malay, Javanese, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Punjabi, Turkish and Russian 
    New bug fixes including a faster and smoother navigation between panes 
    Choose a custom wallpaper or select from 6 pre-loaded   

Recently added

Bidirectional broadcasting and receiving also working with picture-in-picture display
Smoother broadcast and reception operation
DigiSender TV Settings Panel accessed by clicking the DigiSender Logo at top left
Broadcast source select to include all USB Cameras
Fixed issues where broadcaster and receiver automatically re-connect when internet drops
Store all settings locally
Fixed weather location can now be changed and not fixed to local
Secure SHA256 connectivity between broadcaster & receiver without the need for internet connectivity
Short press on the weather icon to permanently reveal 5 day weather forecast on your desktop
Via the DigiSender settings panel control your news feed sources
Long press on any factory installed icons to remove from home screen
HDMI in and USB webcam definition select under development up to UHD 4K 60fps - 320, 1365x576, 1707x720, 2560x1080, 3413x1440, 5120x2160

We're working on the most advanced Leanback interface

From December 9th 2017 we now ship two versions of the DigiSender TV launcher. Our Lite version is available to everyone for free download on the Android Play-store and Aptoide Store. It includes ongoing updates for free as well as future premium services. Our fully featured version is shipped pre-loaded on all XDS consoles. This includes software and hardware features for video broadcasting services

Each version is updated in different ways, the Lite version uses Play-store's updating services which will update your app in the same way as other apps are updated on a device. But XDS consoles are used for many commercial applications and updated manually so that commercial installers have full control when the update occures

When an update is available it is clearly stated in the lower right hand corner of your home screen. Simply click on 'Update Available' and the service will re-launch fully updated

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Latest Features Now Include:

  • Wallpaper selection
  • HDMI input switching
  • Bidirectional broadcasting and receiving
  • Daily updated trending YouTube videos plus multi-sourced trending news feeds
  • Local weather and temperature for your town
  • Smoother operation across many devices
  • Improved remote control functions
  • Many other minor improvements
We continue to develop and improve this service so regular updates will continue. For information on our Lite version released via the Play Store please see here

Bidirectional and LAN broadcasting

In the latest update bidirectional and LAN broadcasting have been implemented, follow these instructions to get started

Get started and broadcast now!

A simple step by step guide on how to get your broadcast started

Real Time Studio Broadcast

Create an account

You must create a FREE account at our broadcasting services website if you wish to broadcast across the internet. Use this account on all devices that you intend to broadcast and receive from including any Supporting Apps

Social Media Streaming
Social Media Streaming
Real Time Studio Broadcast

Create a Broadcast LIVE service

You must now create a 'Broadcast Live' service at From January 2018 we now support multiple broadcasters allowing you to create your own private or public CDN service

Real Time Studio Broadcast

Set your service as 'Default'

Set the service you have created as your default service This will mean that every time your console apps start they will operate on your default service. If you have only created one service then this will automatically be your default service

Social Media Streaming
Social Media Streaming
Real Time Studio Broadcast

Start Broadcasting

Run the DigiSender Broadcaster App. You will be asked to login to your easylife account. Any device connected to the HDMI IN port on the back of the console will be broadcast. If you want this app to start automatically in the event of accidental power failure or shut down then set the app to Auto Start

Real Time Studio Broadcast

View your broadcast

Use picture-in-picture to monitor your broadcasting and perform other tasks at the same time

Social Media Streaming
Social Media Streaming
Real Time Studio Broadcast

DigiSender Studio Link Receiver

The broadcast stream will be instantly displayed if it is being broadcast when the app is launched. If you want this app to start automatically in the event of accidental power failure or shut down then set the app to Auto Start by a long press on the app icon to access the app settings

Real Time Studio Broadcast

Ensuring your broadcast starts automatically

DigiSender TV Launcher Premium is installed by default on all XDS consoles and allows you to specify an app that you wish to start automatically

Social Media Streaming

DigiSender always-on real-time broadcasting

The latest leanback powered console for commercial & home use

DigiSender Devices Come Alive

Amazing features just come alive

Android Leanback Interface for all OTA

Broadcast Icon

Start broadcasting to another DigiSender Console in real-time anywhere in the world

Android TV favourites

Picture in Picture

Monitor your broadcasting and perform other tasks at the same time

Android TV - All Language Support

Watch on a laptop

Watch your broadcasts from your HDMI port on a laptop anywhere

Android Leanback Interface for all OTA

Digital Signage

Create dynamic digital signage content with maps and video feeds

Android TV favourites

Record HDMI sources

Record content from your HDMI port to internal memory

Android TV - All Language Support

What's New?

Get priority access to new features as they are introduced