The Easylife CCTV Services works with CHROME BROWSER ONLY or our Dedicated Console and Viewing Apps. If you are using a desktop computer then please make sure you are using Chrome Browser before you create a service


Get Started For Free

It's free to create a CCTV service. You can add a multitude of audio and video sources. Your service is then encrypted and broadcast via the internet.

Once created and you have connected your camera sources you can select cloud record services which captures video from your cameras when there is movement. You can adjust the sensitivity of the movement and choose how you wish to be notified. As we roll out new services these will automatically appear in your browser or app

Private Viewing

View your monitor on another machine only if the login credentials are the same. This means that your service is totally secure and it also safeguards your cameras against unauthorised access. You do not need to open ports or worry about camera passwords

Public Viewing

You may wish to make your CCTV Service available to others without the need to reveal your password. You choose if you wish to make your room Public (second machine needs only the URL) or Private (second machine must login using the same credentials as the first)

Screen Shots

You start to create a CCTV Monitor in your browser that looks just like this by using your existing cameras

Easylife Screen Shot


Extended Options

By creating a FREE account you are then able to create as many CCTV services as you wish. Each service you create is totally FREE. You do not need to enter payment details. If at any point you choose to upgrade you can cancel at any time. You have total peace of mind as Easylife is an operation of AEI Security & Communications Ltd and have been trading since 1993

General Features

Supports up to FULL HD 1080p
Movement Activated Recording
Saved Room Settings
Secured Room Name
Room Access from a 2nd Device
Unlimited Playback of Recordings  

Recording Features

Local Recording
Cloud Recording
1 Day Cloud Retention        
7 Days Cloud Retention        
1 Month Cloud Retention        
2 Months Cloud Retention        
3 Months Cloud Retention        
10 Cloud Clips        
1000 Cloud Clips        
10,000 Cloud Clips        
100,000 Cloud Clips        
200,000 Cloud Clips        


About Pack Combinations

If you do not wish to use your computer as the primary station for your cctv cameras, then you can use a dedicated console

Retail Packs

The easylife dedicated console will manage all aspects of your cameras from automatically recording to notifications of movement to our mobile apps which are free. The console is available in various pack combinations as set out below and available from easylife or authorised re-sellers. You can even use your exiting account and any services that you may have created on the console

Easylife Pack Combinations

Pack Combinations

Easylife is a totally synced service, if you login on one machine and make changes those changes appear on any other machine you choose to login too. Remember, with easylife you can create as many accounts as you like and as many services as you like for free!!!

Please check our Shop for the various pack combinations


Upgrade - View all options

We offer many upgrade options to get the most from your CCTV Broadcast system


Visit our Shop for guidance on good quality camera products suitable for broadcast

Your control panel

Learn more about the controls offered when you add sources

Learn how to add A/V products

Connecting audio & video products to Easylife

Identify IP Cameras

Scan your Network for possible IP Cameras

Camera resolution checker

Check the resolution or a particular camera

System performance checker

Check all aspects of your systems performance